I still have yet to experience the wonders of different climbing shoes. I was, however, grateful enough to receive used “Hand-me-downs”, Evolv Talons, the other day from an experienced climbing-friend.

I can’t really review climbing shoes, mainly because I don’t have any other “boot” to compare it with other than the basic VCS 5.10 Coyote Shoes.

This insane boot makes me feel like a darn bald eagle. The thick and sticky rubber is absolutely ridiculous with precision and grip. Super aggressive, thus great for bouldering problems and sport climbs. Aside from the sleek look, Evolv could add a little more love towards the comfort zone. But then again, we all know how little the importance of comfort is.

Road to Recovery

Yes, Cure Climbing. The title says it all.

I couldn’t think of anything for satisfying. This newly found passion that I have for rock climbing is absolutely insane. In fact, this darn sport is making my head spin.

I had just started rock climbing 4 months ago at the age of 21 (a tad late in the game, but hey, I’m starting to hit those V5’s!) and my life has never been so “low-gravity”. Through all the cancer biochemistry classes, the various adversities and tribulations of life, rock climbing has been the best mental and physical health benefit.

Health and Scientific advancement is a huge part of my life. Heck, I am finishing up my degree in Biochemistry and hope to play a large part in the Pharmaceutical career. One day, however, I am going to incorporate my love for climbing with my love for science and health. A large climbing comp might do…aimed at raising funds for cancer research, maybe? Ha! I’ll call it The Cure Climbing Comp, all proceeds goes towards cancer research. All I need to do is find a sponsor…..

Maybe I’m getting far too ahead of myself

On Friday, I attended my first comp. Placed myself as an intermediate, I finished 3 V4 and 2 V5 problems. I met insane climbers who are all super inspirational. There’s another comp coming up in December; I can’t wait!